I’m ‘Sweet Jane’ the owner of Vintage Pinstripe. I live and work in UK, and I do pinstriping and kustom paint!

I fell in love with the kustom vehicle and rock’n’roll scene years ago without realising it …. I was exposed to movies like Easy Rider and American Graffiti when I was too young and impressionable, and it was all downhill from then onward. Yes,I admit it is mainly an Old American love affaire for me. My first car was a 1950 Chevy fastback, and I got into bikes not long afterwards, although, to be honest, none of the bikes really mattered much until I got my first Harley after I had moved over to UK. from New Zealand, (and it wasn’t a mid-life crisis either, thank you very much!). I am a proud member of an American MC and my ‘home’ is now in Edgewater, Florida.

I spent years looking at vehicle paintwork and artists online, I researched all sorts of stuff and eventually did a short course in pinstriping, got myself some paint and brushes and started practicing … and practicing … and practicing … When I realised that this was exactly what I really wanted to do professionally, I enrolled at college and spent 3 years getting my City & Guilds qualification in Vehicle Refinishing and Restoration, so that I could understand and do all the basic stuff as well. (While I was doing this, I got into fine art and graphic design as a bit of a side-line. I ended up taking it further and now have a BA in Fine Art and Marketing as well.)

Right from the start I have been taking my work along to as many hot rod, rock’n’roll, rockabilly, vintage and kustom events as I could, and after years of building my client base and reputation I took the big step last summer of registering ‘Vintage Pinstripe’ as a business. As far as I know I am the only lady working full-time as a pinstriper on the circuit in UK. (There aren’t very many guys doing it full time either, and I must say here that you couldn’t wish to meet nicer people, about 99% of them have become great buddies.) I do a ‘weekender’ event each week right through the summer season, plus a few extra events round Xmas. As well as my online shop, I do private work for vehicle builders and restorers, and run regular courses. In between all this I produce fine art work for galleries and privately by commission. This year I have been invited to New Zealand to attend the Beach Hop and a couple of other shows, and to run some teaching workshops. I hope this trip will be the 1st of many annual visits. At the end of 2015 I hope to do some demos and maybe do a bit of teaching while I am in Florida, USA.

When people ask me where I am based, I always answer “In a field near you!”